Episode 9 - Olivia Milnes

"If you’re going to spend money and time on something then you’ve got to be in it 100 percent." - Olivia Milnes

Olivia Milnes is one of my old friends from high school. She is now the part-owner and store manager of a Flight Centre travel agency outlet in Melbourne's central business district.

Liv wasn't excited about going to university after finishing high school even though everyone around her was. Instead she decided to go live and travel in the UK for two years. After returning to Melbourne she decided to start her career working as a sales consultant at Flight Centre. After a year she jumped into an assistant manager position and was later asked to become a store manager with the offer to buy into a share of the store's profits. She hopes to oversee multiple stores sometime soon and eventually represent the company at a national level. During this episode Liv made a commitment to do an Olympic length triathlon within the next two years, so this post is also something that keeps her accountable to reaching that goal.

We talk about incentives, turning down great opportunities that aren't right for you, being motivated to exceed expectations, the maturity that comes from living overseas, how to decide what to do next and much more.

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