Episode 8 - Dinesh George

"There's so much here on earth, both places and people. Experience as much as you can. Also, try and leave the Earth slightly better than how you found it." - Dinesh George

Dinesh George is the head of accounts for an Australian tech startup called Influx. Influx provides elastic customer support for small businesses and startups.

After dropping out of an aerospace engineering degree, Dinesh happened to discover Startup Weekend and set off on a new trajectory working in the tech industry. He started working as an associate for Adventure Capital before becoming the National Coordinator for Startup Weekend in Australia. He joined Influx over two years ago as their second employee and has played a large role in the company during its rapid growth. He hopes to one day return to his roots and run an aerospace company of his own. During this episode Dinesh made a commitment to do a 5 minute stand up routine in public before 2016 ends, so this post is also something that keeps him accountable to reaching that goal.

We talk about stoicism, reconciling religious and scientific beliefs, the future of work, the decentralization of learning, space exploration, setting aside the time to do things that make you happy and much more.

Huge thanks to the guys at Omny Studio for letting me use their recording studio to do this episode.

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