Episode 73 - Kyla Gardner

“I really love being a beginner at things and diving into a new culture.” - Kyla Gardner

After graduating college, Kyla Gardner worked as a journalist in her hometown of Chicago for three years, first reporting on crime and then quirky human-interest stories. Dissatisfied with only being allowed two weeks of travel per year in a full-time job, Kyla sought something different: A job that would allow her to work while traveling. She got hired by a remote software startup after seeing the job ad on Reddit, and was flying on a one-way ticket to Vietnam soon after. In Asia, Kyla met real-life digital nomads, people she wasn’t sure actually existed outside of Business Insider articles. Inspired by the people around her building businesses from their laptops, in 2017, she set out to start her own. Kyla now runs a publishing company, writes, and continues to travel with no fixed address. She looks forward to completing her second novel in 2018.

We talk about journalism as a tool to explore the world, moving to Asia, the importance of exercise, doing 80 fitness classes in 17 days, presence, the downsides of trying different things and much more.

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