Episode 70 - Sarah Holloway

“What is the opportunity that won’t be there ever again?” - Sarah Holloway

Sarah Holloway started her career as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at a leading international law firm. Early on however she realized that the corporate life wasn’t for her as the profession and its lifestyle didn't easily reconcile with her personal passions for health, wellness and creativity. After a fateful trip to Hong Kong and a recommendation from her doctor not to drink coffee, Sarah stumbled onto matcha green tea as an alternative and wanted to buy some after returning to Australia. With plenty of low quality matcha powders on sale and all the high quality ones being sold in big quantities she noticed a gap in the market and founded Matcha Maiden with her partner Nic in late 2014. Her chance to leave her law job came up sooner than expected when this “side project” that was started as a creative outlet grew into a booming business. Within six months they had grown big enough to draw attention from giant US retailer Urban Outfitters, who placed a recurring order that could only be fulfilled if one of the partners went full time. Three years later, the matcha business has a suite of products and has taken on a physical embodiment in a Melbourne café called Matcha Mylkbar that serves a variety of plant-based dishes.

We talk about starting a business off a Google search, turning a side hustle into a real business, why not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur, "seizing the yay", the difference between fun and rest, being a bit "woo-woo", sound healing, fully surrendering to an experience and much more.

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