Episode 69 - Laura D’Asaro

“If you put in a lot more effort than anyone else you’re gonna have good results.” - Laura D'Asaro

Laura D'Asaro is the co-founder and COO of Six Foods, a company that specializes in making food from cricket flour, which is a much more sustainable source of protein than beef. Their flagship product, Chirps Chips, are chips made from crickets, and have three times more protein and 40% less fat than a tortilla chip. Laura's journey in social entrepreneurship began at age fifteen, when she raised $14,000 through her lemonade stand to build a playground for her community. She has also broken multiple world records, including the longest book domino chain and fastest time to crawl one mile.

We talk about eating insects, being rejected by 400 manufacturers, getting an investment from Mark Cuban, breaking world records, creating 100 ft slides, bringing things to life that don't exist, talking to yourself for 5 minutes straight, having a life manual and much more.

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