Episode 68 - Josh Quigley

“Physical exercise is by far the most effective and practical thing that anyone can do.” - Josh Quigley

After a dark and painful battle with depression, Josh Quigley lost all hope and attempted suicide by intentionally crashing his car at over 80 mph. He miraculously survived this suicide attempt and walked away with no physical injuries. After realizing he’d been kept alive for a reason he decided to grab hold of his 2nd chance at life and raise awareness of mental health issues. On the 1 year anniversary of his suicide attempt he set off from Scotland by bike attempting to cycle around the world as The Tartan Explorer. After cycling for 10,000 miles through 14 European countries Josh decided to return home to Scotland and continue his journey to happiness. Now based in Edinburgh, he is an ultra endurance athlete who attempts global cycling challenges. His long term dream is to make another attempt at cycling around the world.

We talk about deciding to cycle around the world, getting "out of the trenches", eating only bread and bananas for 6 months, why he changed his mind on ending The Tartan Explorer, how meditation cured his anxiety, what spirituality means to him, doing a life audit and much more.

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