Episode 65 - Nick Jaffe

“With the right amount of time and focus and the right tools there are many more things that you can do than you think you can do.” - Nick Jaffe

As a teenager Nick Jaffe started working in software development before deciding to study photography at the Victorian College of the Arts. He soon after went overseas and started hitchhiking through Europe before falling in love with sailing. From 2006 to 2009 Nick sailed solo across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in a small 26ft boat. This adventure was the subject of a feature length film called Between Home. He later returned to Australia and started a number of businesses, namely Serversaurus, a web hosting company and Electron Workshop, a co-working space.

We talk about hitchhiking to the Arctic Circle, buying a boat over the Internet, having a sense of autonomy & freedom, self-sufficiency, living in a shipping container, Beat Generation literature and much more.

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