Episode 64 - Alexandra Clark

“Whatever you do, just keep walking. Don’t actually ever stop.” - Alexandra Clark

After working at an ice cream shop at age 14, Alexandra Clark fell in love with the interaction that people have with sweets. Her curiosity took her to Michigan State University where she studied Hospitality Business & Food Processing Technology. After receiving her chocolate certificate from The French Pastry School of Chicago, she left the country on a full scholarship to New Zealand’s prestigious Massey University to complete a degree in Agricultural Commerce and continue her research on value chains in the cocoa and chocolate industry. She then worked for a number of chocolate makers before eventually deciding to launch her own venture. Bon Bon Bon went from dream to reality in 2013 when Alex returned to her home state of Michigan with the goal of launching a chocolate studio and store that challenged the industry’s status quo with enthusiasm, experimentation, and creativity. The store crafts chocolate candies called “Bon Bon Bons” with a classic French technique in conjunction with a little Detroit ingenuity to create flavors that range from classic to bizarre and everything in between. Alex opened a second store in downtown Detroit in 2015 and is looking to add a third location very soon.

We talk about being a "non-illicit drug dealer", the benefits of hippie parents, studying in Norway and New Zealand, saying 'yes' to the best opportunity, turning down a PhD in chocolate, outrageous chocolate flavours, the changes happening in Detroit and much more.

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