Episode 62 - Charlene Rhinehart

"I didn’t just want my career to be based on income, I wanted to have an impact." - Charlene Rhinehart

Charlene Rhinehart has spent a decade working as a Certified Public Accountant in corporate America. What makes her story interesting is that she had the unique personal and professional development goal of competition in a pageant. In 2015 she won the title of Ms. Corporate America and soon after decided to quit her accounting job and travel the world. She went on a six-month world tour with Up with People, a performing arts group that also participates in community service. She wouldn’t have had the courage to deliver presentations with limited Spanish speaking skills or sing in Danish in front of hundreds of people if her pageant experience hadn’t given her the confidence to do so. Nowadays she is self-employed as a speaker, actress and business coach.

We talk about corporate pageantry, being a role model, having a sense of direction and purpose, hiring a coach, why you need a "Plan B" if you want to be self-employed, asking for what you want, dancing internationally, not doubting your abilities, the two definitions of fear and much more.

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