Episode 59 - Jodie Cook

"The money has got to be the enabler of freedom and not a goal in itself. You could be on a massive salary but you’re not necessarily free because you don’t choose how you spend your own time." - Jodie Cook

Jodie Cook founded a social media marketing agency, JC Social Media, back in 2011. Since then she has grown the company to a team of 15 and now runs the social media campaigns for 500 clients across the world. Jodie has also written five books on digital marketing as well as developed Flaunt, a Chrome extension-based social media reporting tool for agencies. Whilst running her agency Jodie started exploring the reasons why some people find it easier to start their own business than others. Her conclusion: entrepreneurial role models. Jodie and her husband then decided to create Clever Tykes, children's storybooks that introduce positive, enterprising role models. Earlier this year Clever Tykes books, resources and a digital enterprise portal were delivered to all 23,500 primary schools in the UK thanks to sponsorship from Lloyds Banking Group. Jodie is also the co-founder of MODL, an app that enables business to book a professional model in under an hour without the cost of using an agency. In her spare time, Jodie is a competitive powerlifter.

We talk about work that doesn't feel like work, using simplicity as a business strategy, entrepreneurial role models, packing your own suitcase from a young age, deciding to spend money to save time, being aware of your own mortality, becoming the best version of yourself and much more.

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