Episode 58 - PJ Murray

"If you have the mindset to say ‘I am the person to do this’ or at least ‘I am the person who can try and learn it and give it a go’ I think that can get you very far." - PJ Murray

PJ Murray started his professional career in civil engineering and spent some time working on a mining site before quickly making the shift to software engineering. A self taught programmer, PJ quickly found his feet working at ThoughtWorks before founding online web development marketplace Tweaky.com with cofounder Ned Dwyer. They soon raised capital from the the guys behind 99designs, Blackbird Ventures and later rebranded the company to Elto. The company grew to 25,000 customers before being acquired GoDaddy in 2015. After recently wrapping up a two-year stint at GoDaddy PJ is taking his time to work out what’s next.

We talk about moving dirt around, doing contract work after you quit your job, being 100% responsible, dev ops, input/output based rewards, choosing what to read, artificial intelligence and much more.

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