Episode 57 - Drew Corby

"No one’s written your book. No one’s written ‘How do I define success?’" - Drew Corby

This episode is an experiment of sorts. This is the first time where I’ve brought on a subject matter expert to chat about a specific topic related to personal development and career growth.

In this episode Drew Corby is sharing a framework with us as to how we can better understand ourselves. Drew spent 10 years coaching frontline teams in sales, marketing, operations and internal communications. He coached a lot of young people in this role and found that every one of them was sure of one thing: they didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives, but they knew it wasn’t this. Drew would then work with these individuals to help them understand who they are, how to define success and then pursue it. Defining success is something that we have not been very well trained how to do. Society has established some ideas as to what success looks like but these are very generalized pathways that are not unique to the skills and personality that each of us has.

Drew is also the host of the Pathways Podcast which gives people a unique window into the inspiration and aspiration we have inside all of us. Alongside that he has founded Pavrr.com, a community built to connect people with purpose and impact-driven work.

We talk about the end of 'paying your dues', how to define success for yourself, understanding who you are, the different types of feedback, the signal to noise ratio of good communication and much more.

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