Episode 56 - Pixie Weyand

"It’s never the situation but your thoughts about it." - Pixie Weyand

Two years ago Pixie was still cleaning toilets at a mine in rural Queensland. With a head full of ideas and the drive to do something with her life she has since worked tirelessly to create The Lost Collective, an umbrella for several businesses she is in the process of growing. These include: Lost Boys, a small, organic vegetarian, carbon-neutral café in the Brisbane suburb of Fortitude Valley; The Tree House, a bar offering local, natural, and organic drinks; The Zoo, an iconic live music venue; and Feed Music, an app connecting touring musicians with local cafes and restaurants across the globe to provide affordable healthy meals. Although she has no formal degree or training in business Pixie has learnt everything she knows through perseverance, surrounding herself with the right people and having a belief that she’s capable of making her dreams a reality.

We talk about buying a live music venue, recognising herself as a "business woman", why you can't plan everything that happens, how it's okay to be scared, firing all her staff at the same time, running a café by herself for a whole week, dealing with criticism, creating happiness and much more.

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