Episode 55 - Hershey Hilado

"We suffer from our own judgement more than anything else." - Hershey Hilado

Hershey Hilado understands what it means to overcome adversity. At the age of 12 her father was murdered by her own uncle. She started shoplifting a year later to survive and was forced to drop out of school and provide for her seven siblings. At the age of 16 her mother sold her into an arranged marriage with a man three times her age. After escaping that terrible ordeal she became homeless for two years until she found her way to Australia with some relatives on her father’s side. She worked as a crew member at McDonalds and in a security control room for a few years until realizing that her calling was far greater than simply earning and surviving. After reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad, she quit her job and started her first business. Today she runs a successful women's fashion label called Ohmagosh that sells online to customers across the globe. Hershey is also one of the ambassadors for The Freedom Hub, a not-for-profit organization that helps rebuild the lives of human trafficking and sex slavery survivors in Australia.

We talk about experiential learning, designing a life instead of just earning a living, the power of giving, the danger of having a "plan B", knowing your values, being able to focus, self-awareness, picking one word as a theme for your year, becoming an asset to society and much more.

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