Episode 53 - Abena Ofori

"Look for the patterns and the opportunities in every setback that you face." - Abena Ofori

Abena Ofori manages The Melbourne Accelerator Program’s Impact Entrepreneurship Program. This role sees her overseeing a number of different initiatives designed to equip social entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to make change in the world. Originally born in Singapore she has also lived, worked and studied in Canada and Australia. Abena has previously worked for a number of social enterprises and not-for-profits including Aidha, Earth Hour and YGAP. She strongly believes that all entrepreneurs have the potential to incorporate positive social impact into their businesses. Through her work at MAP she is increasing the awareness of social impact and hopes to help grow the sector more broadly in Melbourne and Australia.

We talk about trying to adopt a pony, financial literacy, immigration law, the combination of passion and education, mental health, imposter syndrome and much more.

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