Episode 52 - Will Dayble

"I’m just one of the more violent early adopters of the qualification-less society." - Will Dayble

Will Dayble is a tech geek turned social entrepreneur, passionate about things like measuring impact, breaking dumb systems and supporting the Australian social economy. Companies Will has founded include Squareweave, a digital agency that helps changemakers do good tech and The Fitzroy Academy, an online school to teach social impact education and help non-profits learn digital skills. Will originally wanted to be a social worker but he didn't get the grades and came very close to failing high school entirely. He moved to London after saving enough money and at the age of 19 sold an IT training business he started over there. The resulting funds were used to start a mental health charity helping young people in the Melbourne punk scene, a web development company and a record label. All of those ventures eventually failed. Despite a complete lack of qualifications, Will has written and lectured courses in digital and social entrepreneurship at two Australian universities.

We talk about teaching non-profits, the "Internet way" of doing things, the narrative fallacy, living with Albanian criminals, education being sick not broken, why qualifications don't matter much anymore, going to Mars and much more.

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