Ep 51 - Cam Greenwood

"If you’re gonna create something that’s world-changing or pushes people forward you need to have a crazy vision, dream big and embrace the wild." - Cam Greenwood

Cam Greenwood is the founder of Monsta Surf, one of Australia’s fastest growing surf brands which has an engaged following of over 50,000 people. Cam’s vision for the brand is to use it as a platform to positively influence and impact the world. Under his leadership the Monsta Foundation has been able to fund life changing projects in Kenya, the Philippines and Australia. Cam is regularly called upon as a spokesperson for young entrepreneurship and leadership. He enjoys sharing the wisdom he’s become known for and encourages people to live a life of passion and purpose. His vision is to ultimately inspire the world through what he says and the way he lives.

We talk about humility, making surfboards in his garage, almost giving up, working with Chinese manufacturers, buying 4,000 catfish, dropping out of university, having time to switch off, embracing the wild, learning from failure, the benefits of being naive and much more.

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