Episode 48 - Allen Lee

"The greatest things I could have taught myself at a younger age are all related to empathy." - Allen Lee

Allen Lee is a little older than some of the people I’ve previously brought onto the podcast. I wanted to try something different and speak to someone who has a slightly longer journey than the average guest.

Allen started his career as an analyst for an investment bank but later served as Director of Corporate Development at Lions Gate Entertainment, where he led the company’s annual global film, TV and new media library valuation. He continued his career working in a number of other financial roles mostly specializing in the film industry. At the peak of the 2008 global financial crisis he was laid off and decided to finally start his own business creating predictive film performance models for production studios and distribution companies. After a few years of learning web development he now develops data-driven software for the film industry in Ruby on Rails and SQL.

We talk about stress as a motivator, his tales from the dotcom crash, life making decisions we aren't strong enough to make ourselves, taking an easy job vs working on your business full time, the importance of empathy, Russian literature and much more.

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