Episode 47 - Morgan Koegel

"If you have the opportunity then you should. You need to sit down and find that thing that doesn't sit right in your gut. What is the thing in the world that makes you feel sick at night?" - Morgan Koegel

At the age of 25, Morgan Koegel is not only the youngest member of the One Girl team, but also its CEO. One Girl is an organisation committed to educating girls across Sierra Leone and Uganda through programs that target gender inequality and factors that keep women out of the classroom. Previously Morgan has been the Sector Development Manager of Prison Legal Education Australia where she worked in prisons across Victoria, and CEO of Engage Education, a not-for-profit keeping Australian students from low socio-economic backgrounds in school. She is a passionate believer in the power of education and the capacity for young people to do anything they set their mind to.

We talk about having two mums, working in prisons, realising your dreams aren't what you thought they'd be, dealing with self doubt, aiming to educate 1 million girls in Africa, raising your hand for things too early, over committing to things and much more.

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