Episode 45 - Frank Shi

"I'm not happy until I'm really pushed to the limits to discover something." - Frank Shi

Frank Shi was born in China but moved to the USA when he was eleven years old. He had a very difficult childhood, changing schools almost every year as his parents were separated. Frank was never very good at academia or especially studious but he showed promise in art from a young age. After high school he applied for a number of design schools, eventually going to study digital media at the Otis College of Art and Design where he focused on 3D and visual effects. After he graduated he freelanced for a long period of time across a number of production studios before starting his own business, Paper Triangles. Although the CG production studio has only been in business for a year they have already worked with a number of big brands, most notably creating a virtual reality trailer for Warner Brother's film The Conjouring 2.

We talk about trying different activities at a young age, learning 3D design, finding comfort in the discomfort, being open to collaboration, not being closed-minded, VR as a creative medium, self-awareness and much more.

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