Episode 44 - Lucas van Lierop

"Even in the most fun things there's always going to be work involved. You just have to figure out how much can I tolerate this aspect of the process." - Lucas van Lierop

Born in the Netherlands but raised in Canada, Lucas is a versatile singer that has performed in operas, oratorios, and song recitals. His career has spanned more than a decade, originally as a boy soprano, and now as a tenor. In the summer of 2012 Lucas performed with “I Sing Beijing”, a new operatic training program that focuses on Chinese and Western operatic repertoire. While in Beijing, Lucas was featured in both print and video interviews for CNTV, CCTV, and the China Daily Newspaper. In addition to his work in the arts, Lucas has also worked in media and technology, notably as program coordinator for the New Ventures BC competition – Canada’s largest technology venture startup competition. Additionally, he has worked as a writer and editor for several publications including Mobile Geeks, covering mobile technology in Taipei and abroad. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Musical Arts in Opera Performance at the Yale School of Music.

We talk about becoming a celebrity in China, testing how badly you want something, artificial intelligence, having a personal board of advisors, the importance of the arts, journaling and much more.

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