Episode 43 - Paul Rataul

"We're often so blinded by what other people think, what society thinks, what our peers think, that it's really hard to get out of that mindset." - Paul Rataul

Growing up as a kid in New Zealand, Paul always dreamt of playing international cricket for his country. But after he permanently broke his thumb playing the game he loved and being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he came to a crossroads in his life. His friends encouraged him to apply for internships in management consulting and investment banking, where he went through over 100 interviews in the course of 3 years. After completing multiple internships and undergoing some soul-searching he chose to turn down multiple graduate roles, including one with The Boston Consulting Group in London. He went on exchange to the National University of Singapore to pursue a couple of start-up opportunities including one focused on helping millennials land their dream career and job. In May 2016 he launched his own company, Millennial Mindset, and now he's pursuing his passion full-time to coach and inspire millennials to master their own mindsets and live the life of their dreams.

We talk about having a setback that changes your identity, microfinance, doing 100 job interviews in 3 years, journaling, meditation, daily gratitude, being motivated by fear vs being motivated by purpose and much more.

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