Episode 40 - Fab Mackojc

"I like the idea of being in control with my life. To live a life that suits my unique personality and that I can be happy living." - Fab Mackojc

After a year interviewing young people who have taken an unconventional path in life I decided it was time to share my own story. I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good pal Zezan Tam (who was a guest in Episode 3) to be on the opposite side of the interview for a change.

You can also listen to the unedited version of our interview in your episode feed or by going here.

While doing a corporate internship during university Fab happened to read a book called The 4-Hour Workweek which completely changed his perspective on the world and made him realise that a life working 9-5 was by no means mandatory for future success and happiness. He chose to turn down the grad job offered to him and not do any more tertiary education after graduating, a move which surprised a lot of his friends and family. He worked for a few tech startups before eventually deciding to go overseas and do an intensive programming course called Dev Bootcamp. After a few months learning web development Fab decided to move to San Francisco to work as a software engineer for Groupon. This job eventually gave him the opportunity to work remotely and travel the world. Even with all the great perks though Fab realised that life as a web developer wasn't one that suited his strengths and personality so he decided to move back home to Melbourne and focus on his own projects. He now runs a number of his own businesses and is the host and creator of this podcast.

We talk about what home feels like, my corporate work experience, not using money as a success metric, learning to face challenges, choosing control over safety, understanding your lifestyle's tradeoffs and much more.

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