Episode 4 - Jesse Hanley

"Life ends up becoming the story you tell yourself." - Jesse Hanley

Jesse Hanley is a nomadic digital marketer who I met in San Francisco last year and we've since founded two businesses together.

Jesse choose not to attend university after leaving high school and began his career in the fitness industry. He learned his digital marking skills in very practical way as he took an online supplement company from 0 to 1 million dollars in sales. These skills allowed him to take on larger responsibilities and eventually become the Director of Digital Marketing for Gold’s Gym Australia. In 2015 he asked his boss if he could start working remotely and ended up doing a 9 month trip around the world hopping from city to city with just a backpack. He now spends most of his time working on RankingPress, TextGoose and researching new business ideas.

We talk about learning by doing, taking risks with other people's money, asking your boss to work remotely, leaving a steady paycheck, being the hero of your own story, shock therapy and much more.

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