Episode 39 - Taylor Pearson

"More than any other point in history, people really have the opportunity to take control of their life." - Taylor Pearson

I had the pleasure of meeting Taylor Pearson when we both attended the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder's meeting in Omaha earlier this year.

Just before Taylor finished college he had the opportunity to go study abroad in Argentina. While over there he witnessed a completely different world to the one he was living in the Southern US. There was a large prevalence of freelancers and entrepreneurs that were living life on their own terms. Upon returning to the US he decided to abandon his lifelong plan to be a lawyer and learn some valuable online skills like digital marketing. He spent two years working for The Tropical MBA and helped them grow a number of online businesses while living in Vietnam, Thailand and San Diego. After his lengthy experience in the entrepreneurial world he decided to self-publish a book called The End of Jobs, which explores how the rapid development of technology and globalization has changed the leverage points in accumulating wealth. The book has sold tens of thousands of copies and has been translated into a number of different languages.

We talk about unknown unknowns, "training at altitude", the three schools of Viennese Psychotherapy, the disruptive power of the Internet, what it really means to be entrepreneurial, weight loss and much more.

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