Episode 38 - Jessica Curl

"I get so much happiness from other people achieving happiness." - Jessica Curl

Jessica Curl is the owner of Gangsta Gym where she works not only as a strength coach but also as a functional nutritionist. Her mission is to help people reach their optimal health through the power of education and empathy. After finishing university back home in the United States, Jess decided to come to Australia and play high level soccer for a number of professional teams. After a tough knee injury left Jess unable to run without pain she decided to give up her dream of playing professional soccer to pursue work in the wellness industry. While training for The Arnold Classic as a Strongman competitor Jess ruptured her achilles in January and also again in February of this year. This left her on six months of bed rest after two surgeries. Not wanting to waste this time she studied through the whole period and got her certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner before starting her own gym.

We talk about previously eating 40 bananas a day, giving your body ample rest, holistic wellness vs Western medicine, ketosis, the importance of individualised nutrition, writing a cookbook and much more.

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