Episode 36 - Gennavieve Lyons

"You’ve gotta do things that sit right with you, your personality and your goals." - Gennavieve Lyons

Although she came from humble beginnings in rural Queensland, Gennavieve realised at a young age that she was interested making money from real estate investing. After graduating high school at 17 she worked three jobs seven days a week until she bought her first house at 18. By 21 she had properties in 3 countries and at just 25 she was able to retire from the workforce entirely and live off her investments. Even though she doesn't need to be working she is passionate about teaching others to have success with real estate and runs Lyons Property Mentoring. Her aim is to prove to others that investing is neither difficult or out of reach as long as you have the right mindset.

We talk about financial independence, what school doesn't teach us, mentoring others, acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses, Parkinson's law, having a strong sense of why and much more.

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