Episode 34 - Jordan Brown

"I've always been fighting for what I've wanted and what I've wanted to do with my life." - Jordan Brown

Jordan has always been invested in social issues and building and developing communities. At 16 she found herself at a workshop run by The Reach Foundation that normalised her own personal experiences with a tumultuous family life and expanded her understanding of who she could be and the impact she could have. Ever since, Jordan has been working at the Reach Foundation, supporting and running workshops in communities and schools with young people on how to create and live the life that they want for themselves. Jordan has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible for herself and others, having spent her gap year living and working in rural India and interning in the West Bank in 2014. Most recently, she embarked on a "make or break" year studying, volunteering and traveling in ten countries, predominantly focusing on South Africa and Indonesia. Jordan has returned from her stint abroad with more questions than answers about how best to influence positive change and is currently based in Melbourne where she mentors high school students from low SES backgrounds and just facilitated her first camp for 30 young people.

We talk about being open and honest in public, dancing, surprising yourself, living above the clouds, fighting for what you want to do in life, your fears vs the fears of others, Palestinian weaving and much more.

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