Episode 32 - Aaron Fifield

"If you’re consistent in what you do you can cover a lot of ground. In a few years time when you look back you can see you’ve come a long way." - Aaron Fifield

Aaron was 15 when he left school to do a graphic design apprenticeship. He eventually left his job to start a business with a client importing print from China. Ultimately the business didn’t work out but he wasn’t interested in getting a job again so started a graphic and web design agency instead and run that for a couple of years. For the longest time though Aaron had an interest in getting into the stock market and making some money trading financial instruments. After learning a bit more about what trading entailed he started making trades with his own money but soon realized that no matter what he did he wasn’t able to make much progress. So he realized that something was going to have to change. He decided to start a podcast, Chat With Traders, and use that as a medium to interview top performing traders about the markets and ask them specific questions about the process. His podcast has been listened to over 3 million times in under 2 years of operation. With the sponsorship revenue that Aaron generates he’s been able to step aside from the graphic and web design business to focus solely on the podcast and his own trading.

We talk about services-based businesses, the benefits of podcasting, consistency, being "T-shaped" with your skills, waking up at 4am, having a flexible plan for the future, sensory deprivation tanks and much more.

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