Episode 30 - TJ Lee

"Once you can find something that you're willing to sacrifice for then hold onto it." - TJ Lee

TJ Lee used to work in San Francisco as a tech marketer for Mozilla. After dreaming about travelling the world and becoming a digital nomad she finally decided to do it. Late last year she quit her job, sold everything she owned and joined a program called Remote Year. She's currently living around the world as a digital nomad and travel vlogger, documenting her wild ride on YouTube. Throughout this year, she has began to pick up clients and projects as a freelance photographer and videographer. Recently her journey was featured in publications such as Elle and Cosmopolitan. From what was originally supposed to be a year of exploring the world has now become a year of foundation-setting for her new life and career as a full-time traveler, influencer, and creative.

We talk about selling (almost) everything you own, being raw and authentic online, loneliness, deciding what you want your story to be, choosing which sacrifices to make, having a strong sense of belief and much more.

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