Episode 29 - Justin Lee

"I just like making stuff. There’s something about being able to start with nothing and then chip away at that nothing until you have a cool song." - Justin Lee

Justin Lee decided to work in investment banking after college and got a job working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In his last year of college though he got pretty excited about making music and started creating beats on his laptop with a few friends. His first year working at the bank was a gruelling one and Justin found it very difficult to find time to practice his music making. Although he was able to bring his laptop in and work on some stuff in the late evenings he realized that there simply wasn’t enough work-life balance in this kind of a career to pursue his creative interests. So without even having another job lined up he quit. He now works on the finance team for a tech company in San Francisco called Quantcast and couldn’t be happier with his decision to switch jobs. He’s got the time to make music again and is one of four members of The Moral Gray, a music group that creates unique videos and remixes of other songs. Justin says that being able to create something from nothing is what makes him happiest and that's why he does what he does.

We talk about releasing remixes vs original music, the importance of writing ideas down, maintaining high standards, choosing to have a day job, doing creative work with others, virtual reality music videos and much more.

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