Episode 25 - Julian Buckeridge

"A lot of satisfaction in my life comes from opening a door for someone else." - Julian Buckeridge

Julian and I first met when his company worked on the branding of a business of mine.

Julian is a strategic marketer and account manager for Taylor & Grace, a strategic branding agency located here in Melbourne, Australia. He studied archaeology in university so his journey to stumble into marketing and branding is an unusual one. As a passionate lover of film he created and funded AtTheCinema after he left university. It was a film criticism website where at its peak it was getting 65,000 unique visitors each day. Julian was able to leverage the success of the website to attend exclusive events in the Australian film industry. He then went on to do several years of consulting early-concept start-ups in market viability before meeting his current boss, who eventually offered him the job he has now. Julian is also on the advisory board of the social enterprise Good Mob.

We talk about having a love of film, building products for your resume, virtual and augmented reality, validating your strengths, emotional intelligence, resourcefulness, social engineering and much more.

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