Episode 23 - Zachary Sexton

"Whatever you wanna do, you can do. You just need to focus on it." - Zachary Sexton

Zack and I met at a brunch in Austin earlier this year that a mutual friend organised. Until recently he was working for a productivity blog called Asian Efficiency and hosted their flagship podcast, The Productivity Show. In this role he's had the chance to work remotely, have a ton of autonomy and interview big name authors like David Allen, Ramit Sethi and Cal Newport, to name just a few.

He originally started his career working in Washington DC for a Wyoming senator and jumped around a number of jobs in his 20s including selling solar panels, working in banking and being a teacher. None of the jobs he had tried so far felt right to him so he took a year off to reflect and read a number of books, one of which was a productivity book which changed his life. Using this new found knowledge he started doing productivity consulting, initially helping his dad upskill hospital staff before he was asked to join the Asian Efficiency team. The Productivity Show received 100k downloads in its first month of operation and has since been downloaded over 10 million times. After deciding to leave Asian Efficiency Zack now looks forward to working on his own again as a consultant helping small businesses to implement systems for more efficient work.

We talk about trying a number of different careers, efficiency vs effectiveness, morning rituals, having an abundance mindset, his most important productivity tip and much more.

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