Episode 22 - Chris Ackland

"The journey is the adventure. If you're working toward something and not enjoying it on the way it's probably time to change something. Massively." - Chris Ackland

Chris Ackland is the Head Coach at CrossFit Box Hill where he helps people get stronger, healthier and happier. His mission is to help prove to people how strong and capable they really are.

After leaving high school Chris was proactive enough to try a few different things before finding his calling in the health and fitness industry. Although he never formally studied at university Chris constantly sought out mentors and educators to help boost his knowledge so that he can best serve his clients. Even after 5 years of being a fitness coach he’s still always trying to learn more and get better. Chris is also a competitive weightlifter himself and is a huge advocate for the sport. He personally coaches a number of weightlifters and also runs Iron Tribe, a brand dedicated to helping people move better using elements of weightlifting and strength training.

We talk about self-education, the rewards of strength training, "book smart" vs. "street smart", always asking questions, giving people your respect, Russian weightlifting manuals, instilling belief in others and much more.

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