Episode 21 - Ryan Holiday

"There’s nothing that says a 21-year-old can’t write a book but a 31-year-old can." - Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is an author whose work I have been a big fan of for a few years. He writes about marketing, media, philosophy and strategy.

Ryan dropped out of college at 19 to work for a talent management agency before apprenticing under a number of authors, most notably Robert Greene, who wrote the best-selling book The 48 Laws of Power. He went on to work at American Apparel where he was an adviser to the CEO and eventually become the Director of Marketing, a position he held at the age of just 22. His first book Trust Me I’m Lying, a debut best seller, was directly related to his work at American Apparel and uncovered the world of online media manipulation. He then published 3 more books in the 3 years that followed. Nowadays Ryan continues to write for a number of online media outlets and also runs Brass Check, a creative advisory firm that specializes in working with authors, media companies and startups.

We talk about the power of mentors, identifying opportunities to help important people, the dangers of becoming your own boss, the difference between passion and purpose, building a private library and much more.

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