Episode 2 - Alex Ray

"Invest in who you are, invest in core principles, and the rest will come." - Alex Ray

Alex Ray and I met while we were both doing Dev Bootcamp. He's the person who inspires me most to keep refining my approach to life.

Alex choose to drop out of college after studying for two years. He volunteered on a farm in Norway to take a break and realised through the experience how little is needed to be happy. Upon returning to the USA he heard about a program that was teaching people web development in a very practical way. After completing Dev Bootcamp Alex went on to work for a tech startup and a web development agency before getting a job at Buffer. He now spends most of his time working remotely from Santa Monica but occasionally takes advantage of his location independence with a trip overseas.

We talk about environments that bring out the best in you, blocking out time for creative work, being conscious about what you eat, asking "why" to yourself, being grateful, meditation and much more.

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