Episode 19 - Viet-My Bui

"You just can't force yourself to do something that makes you miserable." - Viet-My Bui

I wanted to bring Viet-My Bui onto this podcast because I think she is a huge inspiration for anyone who’s pursuing a career only to make other people happy.

Though she was an aspiring artist in the earliest of childhood, Viet-My found herself following a path set out by the cultural pressures of her parents. After 5.5 years of studying law she managed to graduate despite the lack of desire to be a lawyer. During the process of qualifying to become a lawyer Viet-My eventually realised that this was not the life she wanted and decided to tell her parents that she wanted to follow her real passion of illustrating instead. Even though she was concerned about upsetting her parents she understood it was more important to place her mental health and happiness first. She soon left the legal world to enroll into design school. Viet-My is now in her final semester and looks forward to focusing on her emerging career as a freelance illustrator.

We talk about battling cultural pressures, mental health, never giving up on your dreams, appreciating things more after a struggle, staying true to yourself, introspection, documenting the creative process and much more.

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