Episode 17 - Gabrielle Lim

"If we’re talking about the ideal state it shouldn’t be that there are bad bits and we should just accept that. We should endeavour to have only good bits. That’s the goal." - Gabrielle Lim

Gabrielle is one of the founders of TRAPT, an escape room venue and bar located in Melbourne. In a society where people are increasingly isolated behind screens and keyboards, TRAPT is an important piece of a mission to create immersive experiences that truly connect people with each other and their environment while still having fun.

Although Gabrielle started her career working within the Institutional Banking division of a major Australian bank she decided to start a business of her own while still employed. As the business has grown and become financially successful it has given her a chance to leave the corporate job and focus on her own business ventures. She's now commenced this new chapter as a "funtrepreneur" figuring out life + business in the most liveable city on earth.

We talk about creating a entirely new entertainment category in Australia, what to do when others doubt you, nihilism, figuring out how much money you actually need, the troubles of being an introvert and much more.

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