Episode 15 - Scott Anderson

"Take the honest road, be honest, work hard, let other people share in the glory and you're gonna go real far." - Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson is a grain farmer, former Wall Street banker and current software entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Founder of Cash Cow Farmer, a web application that helps farmers improve their profit margins and maximise crop production.

Originally raised on his family's farm in South Dakota, Scott went to college in Lincoln, Nebraska and was inspired by a presentation from Warren Buffett to go work on Wall Street. After a few years working as a banker he returned to South Dakota to take over the farm from his father. With his newly acquired knowledge of financial analysis he was able to dramatically improve the profitability of the farm. In the process he created a huge spreadsheet that was used to monitor the production of all his fields, something he knew would be valuable to other farmers. He heard of an event called Startup Weekend in nearby Minneapolis and drove 5 hours to pitch his idea and build an initial version of the Cash Cow Farmer product before later turning it into a real business.

We talk about farm technology, the importance of reading about "the greats", managing money, capital allocation, the credibility that comes from authoring a book, the importance of giving back and much more.

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