Episode 12 - Ivan Lim

"It's not easy to build a brand but it's never been easier to build a brand." - Ivan Lim

Ivan Lim is an entrepreneur I greatly admire and someone I often go to for business advice. Nowadays he is the co-founder and CEO of Brosa, a vertically integrated eCommerce retailer for designer furniture.

Ivan graduated at the peak of the global financial crisis and was forced to start his career selling computer equipment over the phone. He soon taught himself digital marketing and was able to join a friend's early stage eCommerce company, refining his skills in the process and later venturing out to create his own online retailer of custom tailored clothing. Ivan decided to leave his passive cashflow business to join online marketplace Tweaky. He soon became the Head of Marketing before the business later rebranded into Elto and was eventually acquired by GoDaddy after he left to start Brosa. In just 2 years, Brosa has grown to 30 team members across 4 countries with an eight-figure annual revenue run rate. In July 2015 the company raised $2 million from AirTree Ventures in order to keep growing the brand.

We talk about the future of eCommerce, the healthy tension between comfort and growth, striving to create more than you consume, having a builder's mindset, understanding human nature, patience and much more.

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