Episode 11 - Jeremy Burge

"There's just something in my brain that rebels against being told what to do." - Jeremy Burge

Jeremy Burge is the creator of Emojipedia, an online encyclopedia of emojis. As of this recording the site has 12 million visitors per month and had six-figure revenues in 2015.

After running a web development agency for almost a decade, one day Jeremy decided to launch a website to catalogue and categorise emojis. He began posting about the new emojis included in the Unicode drafts until one day the site started to crash - it went from a few thousand visitors to hundreds of thousands overnight. As the site has grown Jeremy has also been responsible for the creation of World Emoji Day, which is now celebrated every July 17th by people and brands around the world. To acknowledge his role in the emoji field Jeremy was invited last year to join the Emoji subcommittee of the Unicode consortium.

We talk about emoji (obviously!), the future of online communication, arranging your life to a schedule that works for you, the different ways to read, the benefits of having a small team and much more.

Huge thanks again to the guys at Omny Studio for letting me use their recording studio to do this episode.

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