Episode 10 - Scott Li

"I think my willingness to go through tough times and failures is probably higher than average." - Scott Li

Scott Li and I met when we were both still at university. Nowadays Scott is the co-founder of FoxType, a company that uses natural language processing to help non-native speakers improve their writing.

Although Scott was studying law at university he eventually dropped out to pursue a career in tech and startups. After nearing being sued by a developer Scott decided to teach himself how to code. He started a number of businesses in Australia before moving to Boston to work on a Bitcoin startup that he took through the Techstars accelerator. Although that business eventually failed Scott decided to continue building startups and he later co-founded FoxType. The company recently closed a $300K round of funding and is now taking part in the 500 Startups program in San Francisco.

We talk about willpower, Bitcoin, immortality, collecting intelligence to make better decisions, the misaligned incentives of universities, the importance of sharing your ideas and much more.

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