Episode 1 - Brennan Sexton

"… but then you’re always working in your business instead of on your business. I’m very much an advocate of working on your business rather than in it." - Brennan Sexton

I've known Brennan for a few years now and am excited to see that his decision to focus on his business instead of taking a grad job is paying off.

While completing a business degree at university, Brennan had the opportunity to do a few corporate internships working for the likes of KPMG, IBM and Deloitte. He considered becoming a management consultant but was also running a network of eCommerce stores (Niche Now) on the side. As his degree came to a close he realised that the business would need his entire focus if it was to become more than just a source of passive income. Today, Brennan's business is paying him a proper salary and he is selling a range of physical products across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

We talk about running a business on the side, eCommerce platforms, sharing your failures as well as your successes, travelling with only carry-on luggage, mentors and much more.

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