What are you focusing on now?

You can hear an audio version of this post at this podcast episode.

Earlier this year I read Derek Sivers’ piece on creating a /now page on your website. You can also read more about the concept at nownownow.com.

I whipped up a quick draft of my own /now page at the time but never published it. “I already know what my priorities are so it doesn’t matter if that file just sits unpublished” I told myself.

Sure enough not only did I not publish the page but I didn’t even look at it again until today. I thought I knew what my priorities were but I only had this vague idea in my head.

When I sat down to do quarterly planning for the last quarter of 2016 it dawned upon me that I couldn’t figure out what my goals and tasks would be for the next few months until I spelled out exactly what I was planning to focus on.

And so I’d like to present my own /now page. Although I didn’t publish that page until today I actually wrote down those priorities at the beginning of the month and have seen the difference it’s created in my output. In the month of October alone I’ve achieved more to get me closer to my goals than any other month this year. That’s the power of knowing what you’re focusing on.

By publicly showing what I’m focused on now it helps me say no to requests that don’t match my priorities and keeps me accountable.

So, what are you focusing on now?