Being a creator, daily

One of the few people whose writing I subscribe to is James Altucher. I enjoy reading about his philosophies on life and business. A piece of his I received in my inbox recently inspired me to try out the idea of an “I Did” list.

The concept is simple. Instead of a normal To Do list full of tasks, each day your I Did list has one task: to create one thing.

The idea isn’t to make the most amazing thing ever. The point is to get more comfortable with creating, one small step at a time. Each time you create you get better, you learn new tricks and you have more things to point to when trying to market yourself.

So I followed James’ first step and made my first Vine.

Honestly, it’s a little ridiculous. But it’s something. And like a good Vine the ridiculousness might make you laugh.

Yesterday, I made a Vine. Today, I wrote this post. Tomorrow, I think I’ll make a website.

It’s so easy to just consume and consume, but the way you add value to this world and leave your mark is to create. So for the next month or so, my focus is to become a better creator.